Editor’s Note 11/30/2012

Hello Everyone! Now that we’re at the end of a very busy month of November, all of us at SoCalCustoms.com wanted to tell our visitors from all over the world that we are very thankful for your support of a website that is becoming much more than we could ever have imagined. With these changes taking place gradually, you may have experienced some delayed coverage, lack of updates you’ve become accustomed to seeing on the website, slow-loading of older car show coverage and even sporadic site errors. If you do experience any of these issues, we would appreciate you letting us know so we can check up on things. You can always reach us through the Contact Page!

   December begins tomorrow and we are excited to announce that our transition into a website with much more content than ever before is back underway. During the SEMA Show, there were a few setbacks due to the elevated amount of traffic and demand on website files simultaneously from that very high amount of visitors. We appreciate the traffic and can also look back at the problems as growing pains. It’s better to figure these things out now than to deprive our visitors of the content they crave and our advertisers the exposure they deserve.

    Our Advertising Partners are a main source of keeping SoCalCustoms.com in a growth pattern. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their faith in us and our expansion ideas as well. We are continually looking for more companies to work with in order to bring you more products, services and websites to check out! Please support these companies, check out what they have to offer and tell them SoCalCustoms.com sent you.

   We appreciate your patience and loyalty as a viewer of our website. While we continue this expansion and testing in the month of December, we will be posting content here at the SoCalCustoms.com Blog and some Exclusive Photos over on our Facebook Page so make sure you head over there and Click Like! facebook.com/socalcustomsdotcom