The SEMA “Crunch”

   For a decade, we have attended the Annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have shot and uploaded thousands of photos over that time period. Only now do we feel that we have a little more insight into what custom car builders really go through right when they are trying to finish a project and get it there to the event on time.

  1. Anything & EVERYTHING will try to take your time away from just finishing the project or in our case, working on it at all.

  2. Distractions come in all types including a lot of phone calls, texts, and emails that are also important so they need attention.

  3. Unimportant things will come out of nowhere and become annoying enough to require attention.

  4. Planning & To-Do Lists are not really helpful at this point and serve only as an anxiety-inducing reminder that you are on a hard-as-steel deadline.

  5. People will start asking you to meet up, have a meal or drinks and if you’re planning on going to a specific after-party or VIP event at night during SEMA Week. Although you want to see them all, hang out with everyone, see all the “cool people”, enjoy the live Music and just relax a little… right now that seems impossible.

To ALL of our extended “Family” including: Automotive Enthusiasts, Custom Car Builders, Photographers, Editors, Writers, Designers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, Retailers, Buyers, The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and everyone else that makes this event possible, Thank You from for keeping the Automotive Aftermarket alive so we can do what we do!

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To do this, the website format is changing and we aren’t waiting around for the calendar to say January on it. You will start to see various changes take place this week and throughout the last 2 months of 2012.