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Weekend Wrap-Up

Here is the part of our new blog where we give you the rundown on our weekend at West Coast Nationals.

First off, a big Thank You to Bob Hase, Peter Godbold, and the rest of the Sunset crew for their hospitality and putting on a great event. These guys and gals are working all weekend in the heat and they don’t get to get away and really enjoy the event like everyone else does. Without them, this event would not be what it is.
Our Booth
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A few more people that made this a great weekend. Kevin & Aileen for selling hats & shirts in the SoCalCustoms.com Booth while I shot the show coverage, Ron at AutoLoc for the cool T-shirt, Doug at Aftermath Vinyl for the new SoCal Banners, Brandt at Graphic Disorder for the Banner designs, Seth for some last minute stickers we needed badly, and lastly to the members of Negative Camber. I always feel welcome to hang with them in their camp. They are great friends and they build some very cool vehicles.

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Good stuff from the weekend:
  • Nice Vehicles
  • Great People
  • Bacon-wrapped hot dogs I made (see photo below)
  • Air Conditioning in the GMC Terrain (see review below)
  • Everyone that purchased our hats & shirts to support the website
  • Our website advertisers for making the trip possible
  • The Best of Show Ford Ranger… Wow!
Bacon-wrapped Hot Dogs
Bacon-wrapped Hot Dogs
Not-so-good stuff:
  • Cell phone reception in the park
  • Weather (112 degrees!)
  • Smelly river water isn’t appealing even when you’re baking in the sun
Quick Review on our Rental SUV, the GMC Terrain:
It’s a fun little Sport Utility with an interesting look. It could be easily customized and look very cool with an aftermarket grille, some larger wheels, a lowering kit, dark tinted windows, and a two-tone paint scheme. On the downside, this thing needs a performance upgrade or two. The little four cylinder doesn’t have much in the get-up-and-go department so anything to boost its horsepower would help. GM could really make a high performance version of this like the Trailblazer SS and I’d love to have one. The Air Conditioning was perfect for the weather we encountered in Parker. It was 112 degrees out but right after starting the Terrain up, the A/C kicked in and was blowing cold air immediately. The radio, A/C, and other controls are all integrated so replacing the head unit would be tough but you could potentially add some components, amplifiers, and subwoofers to the factory unit and it would be great. With as much stuff as I packed into this thing, I couldn’t see out of the back window so the LCD in the rear view mirror with back-up camera was perfect. Overall, I’d love to have one of these and throw some custom touches to it. My wife would have a cool little family SUV with style, function, and comfort.
GMC Terrain
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