Article and Photography by:
 Bryan Fross
 Model: Lena Nicole

   There is something to be said about a truck owner that is willing to purchase a brand new truck and drop it off immediately for a build that will turn it into a full custom show truck. This is one of those vehicles. The original owner took this 2007 Chevrolet Silverado straight to Chassis by Aaron Iha after he left the dealership lot with it. He gave Aaron full creative control after they discussed some possibilities. Aaron began the project with a CAD drawing that would be the base for the build. What it ended up being can only be called immaculate. It is a full custom that demands attention.

   Once the design phase was completed, Aaron and his crew started to pull the truck apart and begin the long road that was in the works for this project. A full frame made from 3x4-inch box tubing 1/4-inch wall was built along with using the CNC machine to cut the front frame rails out of 3/16-inch plate then they boxed and honeycombed them. The stock front control arms were retained but were chrome plated. All of the trucks cross members were CNC cut and boxed in. The front frame rails were built to be less wide than the stock frame for a better turning radius and shorter track width while tucking the 26-inch wheels inside the fenders. They narrowed the rear differential 3.5-inches per side with a box tube frame going under the axle. This eliminates the use of a C-notch and gives the rear end a floating look from inside the bed. The rear suspension uses a reverse 3-link with the bags lifting off the lower bars providing more lift and a softer ride. The upper link is a wish bone design to keep the rear end centered. The reverse link allows the aluminum fuel tank to be located in the stock position. The truck has Conitech Air Bags on all four corners, two Air Zenith Compressors and an Asco Manifold. All of the air lines are 3/8-inch stainless braided lines with -6AN fittings. After the suspension was complete a set of Lexani LX-6 26x10-inch wheels were ordered. They are wrapped in 305/30R26 Nitto NT-420s tires.

   To showoff their handiwork in the rear, a custom bed floor was built with an oval cutout, stamped metal bedsides, and handmade wheel tubs. The tailgate was also welded closed and the rear bumper was tossed out in favor of a roll pan. It was then dropped off at L&G Enterprises for the paint work. A two-tone paint scheme covers this truck nicely and adds to its cool factor. House of Kolor Green and Gray were laid down by Theresa at L&G and the wheel inserts were also painted to match. While putting the truck back together, a Precision Grille was installed to add a custom touch to the front end.

   Leaving nothing untouched, aaron took the truck to Rogelio's Upholstery in Azusa, California for another major upgrade on a truck that has barely been driven up to this point. The seats were cut up and the headrests were thrown out. The rear bench was chopped and formed into two buckets. The seats were covered in gray ultra leather with double stitching and perforated inserts. Aaron was also busy building interior parts. He built a 16 gauge metal center console to house the Memphis subwoofers. The factory speakers were replaced by Memphis components in each door. A Kenwood head unit sends the audio to the speakers and subs. The top section of the dash was painted by L&G to match the truck.

   The engine remains stock except for the intake and full stainless Magnaflow exhaust. Under the hood you will find a few custom touches including handmade sheet metal panels and a custom coolant container.